AgriUnit takes a seat at USAID's Feed the Future roundtable series

Frank Rubio - USAID - FTF

Frank Rubio, Oikocredit's global head of agriculture, and Andrea Zinn, agricultural monitoring officer, represented Oikocredit’s AgriUnit at USAID’s Feed the Future roundtable series at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in May.

The highly-selective series of expert roundtables was hosted by Feed the Future – the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative – to consider global food security coordination in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and new emerging trends in food security.

Frank was featured on a panel addressing private investment and financing private enterprise, a core session built into the roundtable for a New Framework for Financing Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition. The panel discussed the risks associated with financing agricultural projects and methods to mitigate risk, as well the broad social impact gained by reaching smallholder farmers.

The capstone event, A Food Secure Future, highlighted the outcomes of this roundtable and other panels hosted throughout the week, including pushing efforts to invest across the value chain as processors, traders, and other SMEs – such as those Oikocredit’s AgriUnit finances – become increasingly crucial in the global agriculture landscape. Takeaways from the session and the week will be used as input to shape the recommended framework for the progression of the Feed the Future program under the newly elected presidential administration.