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Why volunteer groups?

Oikocredit Support Associations are collectives of volunteers whose members are engaged in promoting Oikocredit’s mission. Volunteer associations are part of a long-standing tradition in Oikocredit’s work. In addition to being active volunteers for Oikocredit, Support Associations are members of the Oikocredit International cooperative.

Oikocredit has two Support Associations based in the US – the Western Pennsylvania Support Association and the Oikocredit Northwest Support Association based in Seattle. Click on the regions to learn more about how you can get involved in your local Support Association.


Furthering our work

Supporting outflow and building U.S. relationships

Furthering Our Work in the U.S.

Oikocredit International in the U.S.

Oikocredit International USA has been established in 2016 to support our outflow business development and relationship management with U.S. based organizations, including supranationals such as the IFC, IDB, USAID and other key partners supporting Oikocredit’s work. As we grow our presence in the U.S., we continue to work with other thought leaders and to build upon our partnerships - creating collaborations that serve Oikocredit's beneficiaries worldide, such as technical assistance and capacity building initiatives that empower smallholder farmers.

Oikocredit and IDB help Latin American farmers combat volatile coffee prices

Oikocredit has teamed with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Fair Trade USA, Keurig Green Mountain and Catholic Relief Services for a unique three-year capacity building project to support smallholder coffee farmers facing volatile markets.

The project’s objective is to equip 16 coffee producers’ organizations in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Peru with the skills and tools needed for price risk management best practices, including stock management and offset hedging. Price volatility ranks alongside climate change as one of the most significant risks faced by smallholder coffee farmers in Latin America.


USAID and Oikocredit join forces to bring financing to agriculture in West Africa

A new USAID facility of up to US $ 24 million will guarantee Oikocredit loans to smallholder farmers in cashew, fruit and cereal value chains.

The USAID mission in Côte d’Ivoire along with the USAID Development Credit Authority and social investor Oikocredit announced a new partnership to support agriculture in West Africa. The three-year partnership will see USAID DCA provide a guarantee facility of up to US $24 million on loans that Oikocredit will provide in West Africa to partners across the agricultural value chain.


AgriUnit speaks at USAID's Feed the Future roundtable

Global hunger & food security

Frank Rubio, Oikocredit's global head of agriculture, and Andrea Zinn, agricultural monitoring officer, represented Oikocredit’s AgriUnit at USAID’s Feed the Future roundtable series at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in May. The highly-selective series of expert roundtables was hosted by Feed the Future to consider global food security coordination in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and new emerging trends in food security.


Oikocredit expands relationships at SCAA

Working with actors along the coffee value chain

In April of 2016, three staff members from the U.S. and Peruvian offices represented Oikocredit at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) event in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 11,000 participants attended SCAA2016, which brought together coffee roasters, producers, wholesalers, traders, importers, lenders, baristas, and other actors along the coffee value chain.


Oikocredit hosts palm oil panel at Cracking the Nut

Challenges & opportunities in financing sustainable production

Oikocredit hosted a panel on the challenges faced in the production and sale of sustainable palm oil at the Cracking the Nut conference at the beginning of March 2016. We spoke to Frank Rubio, Oikocredit International’s global head of agriculture – deputy director credit, about the importance of the event for Oikocredit.


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