Announcing Oikocredit US

April 2018

Dear Friend of Oikocredit:

Oikocredit Northwest and Oikocredit Western Pennsylvania are pleased to share recent changes regarding our role and presence in the United States. Today, we are proud to announce that these two regionally US-based Oikocredit support associations have come together to create a single national support association, Oikocredit US.

As part of its new multi-year strategic plan, Oikocredit International is reorganizing its presence in the United States. With the closure of Oikocredit USA, the support association received a generous capital gift to jumpstart its work.  As we consolidate our resources and offices under the umbrella of a single national support association, we renew our focus and retain our commitment to Oikocredit’s values and purpose-driven leadership in sustainable development. Oikocredit US will continue to support the global efforts of Oikocredit International in pioneering new approaches to increase opportunity for our partners in the global South.

For 42 years, Oikocredit International has pioneered people-centered investment strategies that bring communities together for a common goal: a just and sustainable world for all. In a global financial environment that puts profit before people, Oikocredit encourages individuals to invest for social impact, environmental sustainability, and a modest financial return. Although Oikocredit’s presence in the US has evolved, our commitment to our shared goals and values remains the same.

With anticipation for this next chapter in our history, we share our purpose statement.

Oikocredit US promotes and facilitates the global work of Oikocredit International to catalyze a movement supporting a partnership approach to social investing and to promote economic ecosystems that enhance human dignity and sustainability. 

What does this mean for friends of Oikocredit here in the US?

Building Awareness

Through in-person events and electronic communications we will provide information about the exciting work of Oikocredit International in sustainable and inclusive finance, specifically our programs in microfinance, agriculture, renewable energy, and women’s empowerment. You will also hear about opportunities to support and engage with our partners across the globe. You can follow our developments by liking our pages on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter.


If you would like to renew your financial commitment to the people Oikocredit serves, you may invest in the Oikocredit World Partnership Investments program through the purchase of a Community Investment Note from Calvert Impact Capital. With this investment, you will continue to support Oikocredit’s work around the world and be able to earn up to 2%.  Note that Oikocredit will not receive any specific remuneration from Calvert if you choose to purchase a Community Investment Note. For more information, please visit the World Partnership Investments program website. Please note that Community Investment Notes are not available to investors in Washington State.

Capacity Building

While Oikocredit International celebrates many successes in our 42-year history, we also have learned from that history. One thing we have learned is that investment is not enough. Our priority target groups still remain those at the bottom of the pyramid – vulnerable groups with limited access to information, new technology, and new skills.  As their businesses grow, they must grow with them.  Unlike big corporations, which have deep pockets for research and development and expert consultants as they scale their businesses and introduce new technology, our project partners do not have deep pockets but have an even greater need for support. Our capacity building program provides or facilitates this support. You can learn more about the capacity building program on Oikocredit International’s website.

Financial Support

Oikocredit US is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to increase the US base of support for the pioneering work of Oikocredit International. If you support this mission we invite you to join us by contributing to our work on our donation page.

Thank you for your support of Oikocredit. We are committed to empowering our global neighbors through investment and capacity building. Please reach out with any questions to


Steven De Board

President of the Board, Oikocredit US