Cooperativa Manduvirá to tour Europe

manduvira.jpgOctober 29 2012

Andrés González, general manager of Cooperativa Manduvirá Ltda from Paraguay, and Rodrigo Ortiz, country manager of Oikocredit Paraguay, are touring Europe from 1 to 13 November on a roadshow to talk about their history and future ambitions. Manduvirá, a sugarcane small farmers’ cooperative, which mainly produces fair trade, organic sugar, is building a brand new factory. Oikocredit was the first financier to invest in the plant.


The new factory will be self-sustainable in terms of energy. It will have a huge impact on the cooperative’s manufacturing capacity, and it will also act as a job catalyst for the community in the area of Arroyo & Esteros, where Manduvirá is based. 

Andrés González Aguilera, General Manager of Manduvirá, at the construction site.

On the road

The roadshow featuring Manduvirá and Oikocredit Paraguay will visit the following six countries: 

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • France 

Download an overview of the roadshow activities per country

Workshop at Cooperatives United

The roadshow will be launched during Cooperatives United in Manchester (UK), the international event and exhibition which officially marks the closure of the UN 2012 International Year of Co-operatives. 

During the event Oikocredit will organise the workshop “Cooperativa Manduvirá: an inspirational Fairtrade organic co-operative from Paraquay” and will have a permanent exhibition booth (Stand 55).

Member capital

Andrés Gonzalés says: ‘The most precious capital we have is the trust of the members. All the producer-members are sure the cooperative will support them and continue to do so.’

‘More important than having the money is the good idea, the vision. Only in the dictionary does the word ‘success’ come before ‘work’. If you are certain of where you wish to go, using determination, work, effort, and sacrifice nothing can stop you.’

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