Strong History of Volunteerism

Hundreds of Oikocredit volunteers around the world play multiple, important roles in the life and growth of Oikocredit as a thriving organization.

Support Association Volunteers

Oikocredit volunteers, especially throughout Europe and the U.S., play a critical role in reaching potential investors. Representing all walks of life and a range of ages, volunteers work mainly through Support Associations in their countries. They are engaged in activities from planning local presentations on microfinance and development issues, to promoting the mission of Oikocredit through communications vehicles, to serving as board members of their associations. 

Volunteers recruit investors through their personal networks of family and friends, and they work through churches, development and fair trade organizations to promote awareness of Oikocredit’s work. More often than not, they are investors themselves. And, perhaps most significantly, more than 60 percent of Oikocredit’s investment funds are raised by volunteers through their myriad activities. This spirit of volunteerism sets Oikocredit apart as an investment vehicle.

Our Support Associations

Intern Volunteers

One of our most important groups of volunteers is student interns. Oikocredit USA offers undergraduate and graduate students an array of opportunities to learn more about Oikocredit and our work in development finance through our remote social media initiative, Citizens Helping in Reducing Poverty (CHiRP) Force, or our DC-based positions.

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