1. Oikocredit US teams up with Global WA to explore gender equality & coffee

    May 1, 2018 - by Madeleine Levine

    Frank Rubio at Global WA 2018.JPG

    The event featured an expert panel, discussion, and networking focusing on gender imbalances and empowering women in coffee-growing regions of the world.

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  2. At the forefront of sustainable development using investors’ capital

    July 28, 2015 - by Monica Middleton


    40 years of existing is reason enough to celebrate. But even more so when one’s birth marked the beginning of a world-wide movement founded on the principles of justice, self-reliance and economic empowerment for all, with a mission to alleviate conditions of poverty by providing credit and resources to the most disadvantaged, financially-excluded, “unbankable” communities in the world.


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  3. Searching for women’s economic empowerment

    April 28, 2015 - by Blanca Mendez


    Women’s empowerment comes in many different forms.  As orchestrated efforts are required to make significant advances in women’s empowerment, it would also not be fair to attribute women’s empowerment entirely to one sector or development initiative. Take microfinance, for instance. Microfinance’s impact on women’s empowerment is often measured by the number of female borrowers. This form of measurement does not take into account other contributing factors such as decision making power, access to resources and self-determination. A microfinance loan alone cannot determine whether or not a woman is empowered, however access to microfinance “has been seen as contributing not only to poverty reduction and financial sustainability, but also to a series of ‘virtuous spirals’ of economic empowerment, increased well-being and social and political empowerment for women themselves, thereby addressing goals of gender equality and empowerment”*.

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