Announcing New Interim Executive Director

Announcing New Interim Executive Director

July 12, 2019 at 11:36 PM - by Madeleine Levine - 0 comments

July 12, 2019 — SEATTLE, WA — Oikocredit US announced today that its board of directors has hired Matt Eldridge as Interim Executive Director to guide the organization’s next phase of development and lead a national search for its first permanent Executive Director.

Oikocredit US is a 34-year-old nonprofit organization that supports the work of Oikocredit International, a 40-year-old global cooperative that makes social impact investments in Africa, Asia and Latin America to sustainably improve the living standards of low-income people. Oikocredit International provides loans, equity investments and capacity building grants to organizations that are active in financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy.

“We are delighted to transition from a volunteer-managed association to an organization with professional leadership,” remarked Oikocredit US Board President Judy Andrews. “As we bolster our capabilities and results, we are happy that Matt has enthusiastically agreed to guide us through this next chapter.”

Matt Eldridge, Interim Executive Director

Matt brings more than 25 years of experience in transition management and social entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Europe, including successfully funding, launching and scaling for-profit and nonprofit ventures. For the past eight years, he has served as an interim executive director, helping organizations manage change and scale their operations. In 2016, Matt co-founded, a global network that connects nearly 500 like-minded impact investors. Matt earned a BA in Political Science from Stanford, a Masters in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town, and a MBA from Yale. 

“It’s an honor to play a part in Oikocredit’s work to make a positive social and environmental difference for people in the Global South,” said Eldridge. “It’s more important now than ever to address global challenges such as climate change and poverty, and Oikocredit has a clear track record of doing so sustainably through impact investments.”

Oikocredit International currently has more than €1 billion invested in 674 partner organizations worldwide. Individual and institutional investors from 12 countries including the United States have provided the capital needed for these investments.

Oikocredit US will be conducting a national search for its next Executive Director. Details will be available on its website at For more information about Oikocredit International, visit


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