We're hiring!

We're hiring!

September 26, 2018 at 1:34 AM - by Penny Carothers - 0 comments

Oikocredit US is hiring an executive director to be based in Seattle, WA. Help us spread the word! 

About Oikocredit US

Oikocredit International has empowered millions of people across more than 70 countries to improve their lives through access to finance over their 40-year history. Oikocredit International is a leading social investment and International development cooperative based in the Netherlands. Oikocredit US is a 10-year-old membership-based development and outreach organization supporting the work of Oikocredit through education events and community membership. We are seeking visionary leadership as we transition from a volunteer-managed association to a professional organization and grow and invest for the future. We have a strong plan to raise funds and build our membership network and build support for the work of Oikocredit US and wider social justice education across the United States.

Reports to: Oikocredit US Board of Directors Executive Committee


Executive Director Duties & Responsibilities

Oikocredit US is looking for an Executive Director to fill a dynamic and exciting position and build our local support association into a national organization from the ground up. This individual will be comfortable acting as the face and voice of Oikocredit US, with an understanding of communication prioritization and dissemination to a volunteer-based Board of Directors. He or she will be willing to adapt and grow with the position, as Oikocredit US expands our presence and brand in the United States. He or she would work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to refine and implement the organization’s strategic plan.

Specifically, the Executive Director will complete a broad variety of tasks, including:

Organization Formation and Operations (estimated 30-40% of role)

  • Develop and implement the organization’s operations, policies, and procedures
  • Supervise all financial functions of the organization, including banking relationships, cash flow, revenues and expenditures, budget development and management
  • Liaise with regional and international Oikocredit offices and their representatives
  • Measure and report on key performance metrics
  • Recruit and supervise additional staff and interns as organizational needs grow

Fundraising, Membership, and Networking Strategy (estimated 30-40% of role)

  • Facilitate, develop, and implement a sustainable multi-year strategy in collaboration with the Board and in coordination with Oikocredit International to raise funds and diversify the organization’s funding base
  • Develop and manage list of individual and institutional donors and prospects
  • Develop and pilot appropriate membership structure/business model that includes both religious institutions and individuals
  • Build a network of like-minded and partner organizations involved in global social and economic justice
  • Identify and attend key US church, technical, charitable, and other conferences nationally and internationally as representative and spokesperson for Oikocredit US
  • Identify appropriate messaging and create communications collateral
  • Recruit and coordinate national chapter leaders

Event Management (estimated 15% of role)

  • Plan, promote and execute development education and outreach events and fundraising activities

Volunteer Coordination (estimated 15% of role)

  • Report to an all-volunteer board, including attending board and executive committee meetings and attending other meetings as required
  • Coordinate meetings and follow through to ensure projects are brought to successful completion
  • Foster volunteer recruitment and build a strong committee structure for projects and governance

The Executive Director will oversee an Operations Manager, who will support these tasks, among others.

Required Skills and Desired Credentials

  • Self-starter and comfortable in an entrepreneurial environment with ability to take initiative, problem-solve, work independently with minimal supervision, and work collaboratively with volunteers
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; preferably experienced in regional and international communications
  • Comfortable working with diverse stakeholders, including churches, foundations, philanthropists, corporations, community groups, volunteers, donors, etc.
  • Bachelor's degree required and 5-7 years’ work experience in a professional environment
  • Experience in writing grants and soliciting donations
  • Experience in managing and recruiting staff
  • Attention to detail, and ability to prioritize and handle simultaneous assignments while adapting to changing deadlines, priorities and workflow with success and accuracy
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and experience in basic website maintenance and other web-based applications preferred (e.g. social media, Salesforce, Eventbrite, Basecamp, GetResponse or other email marketing)
  • Demonstrated passion for global social and economic justice
  • Familiarity with microcredit and socially responsible investing
  • Flexibility to work some evenings or weekends to cover board and committee meetings and outreach & education events as necessary
  • Some travel (both domestic and international) required
  • 501(c)(3) experience


4-year degree



Please submit a letter of interest and your resume to jobs.usa@oikocredit.org. Preference will be given to applications received before 6:00pm PT October 8, 2018. 

If selected for an interview, candidates will be asked to provide three (3) references, at least two (2) of which must be professional references.

Oikocredit US is an equal opportunity employer.


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