Oikocredit Summer of Microfinance Scrapbook

Oikocredit Summer of Microfinance Scrapbook

September 6, 2011 at 6:17 PM - by Leah Gage - 0 comments

Review of our second annual Summer of Microfinance

Oikocredit relies on investor support for more than financial investment in our project partners. Our investors are also our strongest resource in mobilizing support of Oikocredit’s model for alleviating poverty through microcredit.

The Summer of Microfinance is traditionally a time when we ask investors to become ambassadors for Oikocredit, reaching out to their respective communities to share our mission and encourage a wider base of support.

This summer, Oikocredit did things a bit differently. We held a variety of public events through which we reached out to different communities, particularly those we don’t always reach such as: a crew of socially conscious young professionals; microfinance practitioners and other experts in the field; investment advisors and fiduciaries with experience in socially responsible investing… to name a few.

Here are some of our best photos from the summer campaign. If you have any you’d like to share, please let us know @ usa@oikocredit.org.

Special thanks to Fonkoze USA, the Center for Social Philanthropy, WAM DC, Grameen FoundationWomen for Women International, and Joe & Pat Kelly for helping us host a wide array of events this summer. And many thanks to all who joined the movement this summer!

Leigh Carter of Fonkoze USA, center, with two attendees of the DC Launch Party for the Summer of Microfinance 2011


Oikocredit USA's Terry Provance & Leah Gage at the Summer of Microfiance 2011 kick-off party in Washington, DC

Fonkoze USA Executive Director Leigh Carter presents Fonkoze's model of economic empowerment in Haiti. Oikocredit was one of Fonkoze's earliest funders, and Fonkoze remains one of Oikocredit's most successful project partners -- our only partner in Haiti.

Josh Humphreys of the Center for Social Philanthropy at Tellus Institute pictured with Oikocredit USA National Director Sharlene Brown and Executive Director Terry Provance at our co-sponsored roundtable discussion for investment advisors and fiduciaries.

The Boston round-table discussion, co-sponsored by Oikocredit USA and the Center for Social Philanthropy at Tellus, addressed concerns regarding responsible microfinance investing, and the social performance monitoring Oikocredit undertakes to guarantee our project partners are delivering a social impact in addition to the financial impact for their clients.


Pat Kelly and her husband Joe hosted our DC-area Summer of Microfinance house party. In the intimate setting of her home, Pat recanted her story of joining the Peace Corps to work in Colombia, a revolutionary feat for a young single girl from Indiana in the 1960s. She is seated alongside Cathy Yi of Grameen Foundation and Alyssa Hansen of Oikocredit USA.

National Director Sharlene Brown, right, reflects on her own story of empowerment, recognizing the opportunities she's had as a Jamaican immigrant in the United States that many of our project partners' clients will never have. Also present is Deb Burand, Mary-Rose Brusewitz, and Nadine Payne.

Sharlene Brown pictured alongside host Pat Kelly and Mary-Rose Brusewitz.

National Director Sharlene Brown with Andree Simon of Women for Women International, discussing women's empowerment practices for microfinance experts and practitioners at an event co-sponsored by WAM (Women Advancing Microfinance)


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